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The Boxer Kid by jubilalant The Boxer Kid by jubilalant
Made a minor change to run Boxer with only one monster rather than three. While I love Daria, Imogen, and Weetzie--I think it would be more interesting to play with the contrast of Cecily, a little fairy, with Boxer's more masculine-leaning androgyny and behaviour.


Name: L. 'Kid' Batts (From time to time, she is also referred to as 'The Boxer Kid,' because of her enjoyment and penchant for boxing. She does not make her first name known publicly--it is known on ship records. Most people call her Kid or by her surname.)
Age: Twenty-one (21)
Gender Identity: Androgyne (Uses She/Her, They/Their, or Zhe/Zer, but will not correct anyone who uses other pronouns to refer to her. She does not talk at length about her identification with gender, so she does not expect anyone to refer to her in any particular way.)
Sexuality:  Ambiguous - This is not information she shares. That said, she does flirt quite freely with most anyone, it seems.  
Height: 5'3" (160cm)
Occupation: Hardware Maintenance/Patrol -- While Kid is a Guardian, she also acts as a hardware maintenance/technician for the ship's computers, where she does basic maintenance and helps in the upkeep of said hardware. As a Guardian, she mainly patrols when she is needed to, not having any special training beyond the base level (i.e.: she is not trained to be a cop or military, but simply to disarm or defend if need be).
Outwardly, Kid is full of smiles and laughter. She is brimming with sunshine and good cheer. She likes to see others smile, and she's not beyond an off-colour joke to pull one out for someone. She can behave from time to time like 'one of the boys,' as the old turn of phrase goes. She is more physical in her affection--not so much hugs as playful arm punches, and kicking of the ankles. She loves to flirt, and seems to do so with just about anyone, twisting her words to watch others blush. Because of this, she can become a bit of an irritant for certain personalities, and seem disingenuous to others.

Below the surface however? That's another story, and she doesn't often let that person be seen. After a few drinks, playing the clown, when other people are settling down to deeper discussions, Kid seems to often be out of place, alone. However, she'd just say she was a quiet drunk and smile it off.
+ Eating; in general Kid loves to eat--she has a voracious appetite.
+ Boxing
+ Colourful bandages
+ Speaking in French
+ Flowers
- Salt water (the scent gives her a headache)
- Ground beef (the texture distresses her)
- When any of her metal facial add-ons gets pulled on
- Having to talk about her feelings at length
As long as the Boxer Kid can remember, she's been with her mother Penelope Batts. There was never a father figure involved, not to her recollection, or in any of the photographs prior to Penelope and herself. When she was not wrangling the Kid, Penelope spent her time betwene clients, slowly building up her reputation as a psychoanalyst aboard the ship.

When Penny could not be around, often times her younger sister Lucy filled in with Kid. It was Lucy who more often encouraged Kid in a particular direction this way or that in her life--often trying to entice the girl to study the monsters of the ocean's past with her as a marine biologist. And in all honesty, the girl was quite good at science and math--not something she has played up since those early days of pouring over textbooks with her Aunt.

However, when Kid chose to follow the path of a Guardian, Lucy did not show up for the small family party. Lucy still does not understand why Kid chose to patrol and do maintenance work despite her intellect, and the Kid does not comment much on it.
Penelope 'Penny' Batts (Mother, deceased): Penelope Batts raised Kid from the first day she could remember. She was a quiet woman with the airs of a ballet instructor; though, her profession was as a psychoanalyst. While Penelope was known by some of her clients as 'Batty Penny,' she was quite well-respected among other Researchers. She is presumed dead in the lower quarters of the ship.

Lucy Batts (Aunt): Lucy Batts was a marine biologist aboard the ship, like her sister was, Lucy is determined and quite intelligent and made her way up as a Researcher. Lucy often encouraged Kid to join her in studying the marine life of the world their ancestors had left behind, or to study anything of science and the mind. When Kid went her own way, the relationship between her and her Aunt became strained. Lucy is among the survivors of the lower decks who managed to make it up into the upper quarters.

Captain Belleville: The older police woman has, for whatever reason, taken something of a shine to Boxer, and Boxer is more than glad for it. Also a little scared, but mostly glad. Growing up to be nearly half as bamf as the Captain would please Boxer to pieces. For now she'll live between screw ups and the momentary small things she manages to pull off well. 

Hale (Application): Hale is Batts' sort of brother--even if she would never admit that. The two are more similar than she would like to admit as well, though he followed the side of himself that was mind over matter, while she followed her muscle. They spar when they can, and it always puts a smile on the petite Boxer's face when she can knock the lug on his ass. 

Ginger (Application): Coming soon

Margo Perry: One of Batts' sparring partners, Margo is something of a friend--at the very least, they can always get something to eat or drink after smashing each others' faces in. 
Additional Notes:
Kid is incredibly near-sighted--two to three feet away from her are a hazy mess, and beyond that--she cannot hope to read what is across the room. She has a pair of broken glasses that she rarely wears. They were snapped in the bottom of her boxing bag, and they have since been haphazardly taped back together.

Penelope's family traces its roots back to Kalos, and raised Kid switching between her French tongue and English.

Kid is adopted--her birth mother was a young woman who chose to carry through with her birth, but was not interested in raising her child. Kid is aware of this, and it is quite clear that she is adopted as she and Penelope look nothing alike. It is not a large deal in Kid's life at this point.

In terms of weight class, Kid is a pinweight when it comes to boxing (in other fighting styles like MMA she technically is just slightly below their lowest weight class).

Kid was in her private quarters at the time of the disaster and off-duty, thus she is wearing a dress. However, for reference, I have also included her Guardian attire. (I added this for the audition round, and after, I will properly shade the outfit. I merely wanted it on her application so that people could see what she was wearing.)

---- POKEMON ----
Name: Cecily
Gender:  Female
Species: Flabébé (*)
Nature: Gentle
Ability:  Flower Veil
Size:  0'6" (slightly larger than the average Flabébé)
Attacks:  Fairy Wind - Calm Mind - Wish - Aromatherapy
Personality:  Despite being of gentle nature, Cecily is something of an imp, especially when she was younger. While Penelope and Kid attempted to find a Pokemon for the girl as a child, Cecily became an option when she was not quite fit for her original duty. Equipped with aromatherapy and calm mind, the fairy was initially bred and raised to help clients in therapeutic settings. Because of her slightly more trickster nature, Cecily was removed from said setting and was given to Penelope to rehome.

Cecily found a home with an equally troubled, rough and tumbled soul in the Boxer Kid. The fairy has calmed over the years she has spent with Kid, getting into her fair share of trouble with the young woman. She often wants to carry her flower by the stem; however, she has not quite gotten the grip of a Floette yet, and will yank it around in her mouth if she needs to rather than float simply on it. She likes to sit on Kid's head.
As well, Cecily can leave her flower for short periods of time, or could, if she needed to, change flowers. If she ever lost her flower she would need to find one again, as a Flabebe's flower becomes part of their body/life. (This is shown in the anime in episode 27, for reference (I had to look it up because I was curious if they could).)
GeoCaecias Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist
I love her design!  With a name like "Boxer Kid", it's not surprising that she gets into a lot of fights. x3
Also, that's a pretty badass looking Fabebe.  I approve. :iconthumbsupplz:
jubilalant Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
Haha. :B Well, she gained that name. 

And thanks! It was fun to design flabebe.  *U*
temmybanana Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
such a sweetheart, omg :iconchuuplz:
love that picture on the right and cecily is just cute <3
jubilalant Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
Thank you, Temmy! I had a lot of fun drawing and designing both Boxer and Cecily. C: 
eldritchrach Featured By Owner May 22, 2014
She's a great character! The colours are great and I want to give Imogen a hundred hugs. I look forward to seeing what you do with her ;3
jubilalant Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
U r a great character. :B
vampire-chicken Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
gorgeous <3
jubilalant Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
Thank you! She's my bab, so I am glad folks like her. C:
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